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“The stories and pictures of Rabas’s poems make big discoveries in little things.” That appreciation of the everyday makes this volume, and Rabas’s work in general, a joy to read, for it shows us as readers a deeper way to look at all aspects of life. The poem “Downtown” asserts that when you might not have a direction, “you wish you had someone to point out the stars.” Sonny Kenner’s Red Guitar is that someone, and with Rabas’s words in mind, with a little effort perhaps the stars won’t be that hard to find.
— By Marina Jaffe


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Kevin Rabas’s second poetry collection, Lisa’s Flying Electric Piano, explores the effects of a life structured by music, woven amid a series of failed, yet forever impacting relationships. From learning (“Jack McCann’s Own Hometown Marching Band”) to playing (“Playing for Dave”) to understanding its power (the title poem, “Lisa’s Flying Electric Piano”), music is the backdrop, the blood, and the fuel to this series of beautifully taut relationships.
— By Caleb J. Ross


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The poems in Kevin Rabas’ collection Bird’s Horn & Other Poems keep the back beat of human existence with their tender and steady observations. In a luminous fusion of language and music, Rabas syncopates and celebrates the jazz improvisations we call life.
— Amy Fleury, author of Beautiful Trouble

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